Moving Methods

Local or Interstate Full Service Moving

When you are working with movers you really have to be cautious.  Make sure you check out their references and how much they are insured for.  Whenever possible get as many recommendations from friends and family as you can and try to get very specific.  Which company did they use?  Who at the company managed the move for them?  Which packers did they get?  Who were the actual movers on the crew?  The more information you can get the better.  The last thing you need as you go through this process is for some of your belongings not making it to your new home.

Top 4 National Moving Companies

  1. Allied Van Lines
  2. North American Van Lines
  3. Atlas Van Lines
  4. United Van Lines

Top 10 Questions for Movers

  1. How do you charge for the move?  By number of rooms, weight, cubic feet, or linear feet?
  2. What is the additional charge if I go over on rooms, weight, cubic feet, etc?
  3. How many different forms of payment do you take (cash, credit, loans)?
  4. Am I required to put a deposit down for the move and if yes, how much?
  5. What is you policy for cancellations?  How many days prior to the move can I cancel?
  6. If I make a reservation am I guaranteed to get the truck and movers on moving day?
  7. Will my belongings be loaded on a truck with other people’s items or will they be on a separate truck?
  8. 8. How long will it take for loading, traveling, and unloading?
  9. How much liability insurance does the mover have and what is included with that coverage?
  10. Do you have any recent references that I can call to verify the quality of your work?

Do It Yourself Moves (DIY Moves)

Many people move themselves and really just need to either get a truck or take multiple trips in their cars, friends cars, and any other vehicles they can get their hands on.  The most popular moving truck services are:

Top 3 Moving Truck Companies

  1. U-Haul
  2. Penske
  3. Ryder

Top 5 Questions for Moving Truck Companies

  1. Do I need a commercial driver’s license to drive one of your trucks?
  2. What kind of insurance do I need to purchase and how much does it cost?
  3. Do you charge by the hour, by the day, by the mileage, or a combination?
  4. Do I have to fill up the gas tank before returning the truck or is that included?
  5. What are the hours for returning the truck and at what time will I be charged extra?

Top 10 Ways to Get Moving Boxes

  1. Friends – Make sure your friends know you are moving and that you need boxes.
  2. Work – Make sure your employer knows you are moving and that you need boxes (paper boxes and other supply boxes work great).
  3. Trash Diving – One of the easiest ways is to just watch what other people are throwing away on the curb, in the dumpster, etc. Make sure the boxes are reasonably clean and bug free though if you take this route.
  4. WalMart – They sell boxes really cheap and if you are lucky you may be able to get them to hand over a few from their warehouse (ask a manager if you can find one).
  5. Grocery Store – They generally have extra boxes that they are willing to give you if you ask (also check these for roaches and other pests).
  6. Craigslist – Don’t you know… Other people paid for boxes too and after they moved they don’t have a use for them so they sell them on craigslist.
  7. Local Storage Companies – If you have a Public Storage or any other chain of storage units, they usually have a great selection of boxes and packing materials that are reasonably priced.
  8. Home Depot or Lowes – Both of these large home improvement discount centers have great prices on boxes if you exhaust your other options and are needing some last minute boxes.
  9. LinkedIn and Social Media Sites – Spread the word quickly that you need boxes by using your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts to get everyone you know helping you.
  10. Buy them online – There are several online stores where you can purchase boxes like Google can be your friend and save you a ton of money on boxes if you order them well in advance and allow time for shipping.